Art Requirements

The following guidelines are presented to reduce the risk of slowing down the production of your job. Please contact the art department with any questions you have concerning artwork submission. We will be more than happy to help you get the image quality you need.

Art Department- Telephone: 877.866.7546 – email:

Acceptable file formats (In order of preference):

1. Adobe® Illustrator® (.AI) (.EPS) – Vector artwork. Convert all fonts to outlines. If file contains Photoshop® images do not embed images. Include all high-resolution images with artwork. Please send layered files ONLY.

2. Adobe® Photoshop® (.PSD) (.TIF) – Only recommended for Photoshop® images. Please send layered files ONLY. All Photoshop® files must be created at FULL IMAGE SIZE at 72 dpi. Jpegs are only accepted if they are high res format and we are doing the art for you. Otherwise .PSD or .TIFs will only be accepted.

Please note the following:

1. Fonts needed: All fonts used in your artwork must be included with your artwork files or converted to outlines.

2. Links needed: ALL IMAGES that are placed into your artwork must be included.

3. Color Printouts: Please include a color printout.

4. Include PMS (Pantone Matching System) Colors:
We strongly suggest that you select and assign PMS colors to your artwork. Please select your colors from the Pantone Solid Coated color book. If you use a 4-color mix we will need to match it to the closest Pantone color to produce your art. Colors should not be specified as CMYK percentages, as these may not reproduce the exact color desired. If PMS color selection is not possible please provide physical sample (color proof or swatch) for color matching purposes.

5. All Black in your art must be converted to this CMYK mixture: C:80 M:72 Y:68 K:100 if Blacks are not in this 4 color mixture, art charges will apply to convert them to this mixture.

6. Ways to provide your art files to us:
TruckSkin accepts files on a CD/DVD, uploaded to our YouSendit Site, upload using link at the bottom of this page or with the FTP info below.

Attention: Art Department
2807 Cass Road, Suite B-3
Traverse City, MI 49684

Port: 21
User/Pass: upload

YouSendIt Drop box:

7. Resolution/Scan Guidelines:
If your artwork is a Photoshop® image, it needs to be 72 dpi at FULL SIZE. Full Size means if the image in your artwork is 40 x 80 the image in the Photoshop® file must be 40 x 80. If you are working in 10% scale, please refer to the scale below for your dpi requirements.

100% scale = 72 dpi
10% scale = 720 dpi

8. Bleeds: TruckSkins: 2″ bleed to the left and right. The bottom should have a 9.5″ bleed. No bleed on top.
DoorSkins: 4″ black bleed to the left and right. 2″ bleed on bottom. No bleed on top.
Rear Door Decals: Allow 15″ from the bottom to be free of any text.

NOTE: If you are sending vehicle wrap art please click here for additional information:
Wrap Art Requirements.