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Furniture Store Outdoor Ad Tip #10 From TruckSkin: Walls That Rock!.
7/31/2012, Furniture World News

Football Wall GraphicWant to have a beautiful showroom in a rainforest? How about in the Grand Canyon? Tired of plain, boring walls in your showroom? There is a way you can take your customers anywhere in the world just by walking from room to room.

WallfishCustom wall graphics are a perfect solution that is both dramatic and affordable and ads a new dimension to your showroom. Transport your customers into a unique environment with color and images. Wall graphic materials are designed to make your interiors come alive with the depth, texture and state-of-the-art image quality. Designs can incorporate text, photographs, patterns, and virtually any color palette imaginable to create your own signature look. You can create complete environments in your store. Put in a window overlooking the ocean, or a view out onto a beautiful garden. Use artistic designs to accent the color scheme of the furniture you are displaying with out the mess and time of paint. Get the exact color and design you want.

Truck SkinWall graphics can be applied and removed quickly and easily. You can create an interesting and eye-catching “painted” mural in your entryway fast and inexpensively. It can be quickly removed or changed. Put up custom wood paneling, or turn a room into a log cabin, or a beach house complete with gorgeous views instantly. Wall graphics and wallpaper can ad great visual interest to otherwise dull spaces. Wall graphics can be sold directly to your customers as an added product line.

Grandparents can even have their grand-kid’s photos incorporated right into their wallpaper. The possibilities are endless. Forget about boring one-dimensional paint, with wall graphics anything is possible!

Golf DoorLiven up your walls and create a variety of fun, interesting and dramatic areas inside your store that will enhance your customers experience and set your store apart from the rest.