Article 12

Furniture Store Outdoor Ad Tip #12 From TruckSkin: Tint with a Twist…
8/23/2012, Furniture World News

SUV Full WrapCar tint is a great way to cool down your car during the hot summer months but why not get more from your car windows? View-thru car window graphics work just like tint, yet it is a perfect advertising medium. This versatile window film blocks up to 50% of the suns rays yet you can see out clearly from the inside of your vehicle. You can use your back and rear side windows to advertise your business with dynamic colors and images. It is very economical and easy to install and change. Window graphics are a great addition to a vehicle wrap but it is also effective alone.

Truck Full WrapVehicle window graphics grab the attention of those potential customers around you wherever your car is. Just like car wraps, your message is displayed 24/7, it never turns off. Just like window tint, window graphics keep your car cool and helps to protect your interior from sun damage, but unlike tint, it also is great advertising and the cost is typically about the same.

SUV WrapVehicle window graphics are applied to the outside of the car and the perforations that allow you to see through it have a clear coat to keep the holes from clogging with dirt. Because it is applied to the outside of the window, it doesn’t matter if you windows are already tinted. This film is easy to apply and easy to remove, and will last for years. Another plus is that window graphics will block the view of people looking into your car from the outside, giving you privacy and protection from would-be thieves.

For the about the same price as window tint you can have a great advertisement that is on 24 hours a day, gives you privacy and not only looks cool but keeps you cool too.