Article 14

Furniture Store Outdoor Ad Tip #14 From TruckSkin: Keep it Fresh!
9/18/2012, Furniture World News

The key to keeping your business on your customers mind is it to keep grabbing their attention. How long have you had the same ad on your vehicle? 2-3-4 years? Give your marketing new life by changing up your vehicle advertising. Change your emphasis to a different product with recent photos and logos. If you keep the same look for years and your customers have seen it over and over it loses its impact. Imagine not changing the showroom floor for a few years…no new products, nothing different and your customers have seen it all before. If it is boring and they will lose interest in a hurry.

Door SkinIn today’s world of ever evolving technology people expect things to change and update rapidly therefore constantly keep their attention and that should be foremost in your mind when it comes to advertising. You can keep your brand look while giving it new life by just making a few changes. Pick out the latest product images from your vendors to keep your look modern and timely. Out of date product images make you look out of touch, keep it updated so you appear to be on the forefront of today’s market. Give your customers an advertising campaign that never gets old. Do this and you will create opportunities for your business to expose your customers to new products and fresh promotions that will keep them engaged, and boost your sales.

Door SkinIt is important to keep your branding consistent so maintain the same general look so that your business is still recognizable but modern. In today’s economy many businesses are looking to get an edge on their competition, showing that you are on the top of new trends and concepts is a great way to look like the expert in your field. Keep it fresh and keep them coming back!