Article 15

#15 Who Are You Again
10/3/2012, Furniture World News

The “Rule of Seven” is a classic marketing concept that still holds true today. The rule is that your prospect needs to see or hear your message at least seven times before they will make a purchase. That being said your message needs to be out in the community as much as possible. The reasons behind this theory are many but what it important to take away from it is that repetition and consistency are vital to your marketing efforts.

You need to stand out in today’s deafening world, and to do that you need to drive home your message so it doesn’t get drowned out by all that advertising noise out there. Buyers just won’t remember you if they have only seen your ad or business card once or twice. They will have no idea who you are driving down the street if you don’t have your delivery vehicle branded. The trick is to spend your dollars wisely buy the most cost effective and specific advertising mediums for your target market. Think repetition and consistency.

Now take a look at your business card, then look at your brochure, your website, then your delivery truck graphics and service vehicle graphics. These are all important marketing tools but are they consistent? Do they all look like they are from the same company? Is it obvious what you sell? You want your customer to recognize your business within 5 seconds just by viewing something with your branding on it. Keep your logo and message displayed prominently and consistently. If you do make a change, do it gradually so you don’t lose the contact or “touches” you have had with your prospects. The more they “see you” the more credibility and impact you will have in your market.