Article 5

Furniture Store Outdoor Ad Tip #5 From TruckSkin: When is it Big Enough?
6/26/2012, Furniture World News

National Lumber WrapIn the advertising world you want your message to clear and specific. You can have the greatest ad in the world but if your audience can’t see it, it isn’t doing its job. So how do you know how big your lettering on your store, truck or windows should be? Here is a guide to help you determine exactly that.

Letter Height Mazimum Impact Distance Maximum Readable Distance
3″ 30′ 100′
4″ 40′ 150′
6″ 60′ 200′
8″ 80′ 350′
9″ 90′ 400′
10″ 100′ 450′
12″ 120′ 525′
15″ 150′ 630′
18″ 180′ 750′
24″ 240′ 1000′
30″ 300′ 1250′
36″ 360′ 1500′
42″ 420′ 1750′
48″ 480′ 2000′
54″ 540′ 2250′
60″ 600′ 2500′

Large Truck WrapMake sure your advertising is paying off. If it isn’t clearly visible it isn’t doing you any good. No matter if it is a store sign, car wraps or truck graphics, make sure your message is large enough to be clear, and concise. It should be dynamic while remaining legible. You should focus on what you do, your name and how to reach you. Too much more gets too busy.

Large Truck WrapThink about it, you only have a few seconds to catch the eye of a passerby, make them understand who you are and what you do in that short bit of time. Make sure your lettering is big enough to make sure they actually “see you”.