Article 8

Furniture Store Outdoor Ad Tip #8 From TruckSkin: Car Wraps for the Smaller Budget
7/16/2012, Furniture World News

So you have decided to take advantage of the great marketing potential of a vehicle wrap, but really don’t have the funds for it in your budget to do it. Don’t give up! You can still take advantage of all the exposure a wrap gives you for a lot less by doing a partial wrap. You can wrap just an area of your car to get your message out.

Patriotic Car WRapWrap your trunk or tailgate to reach those people who are sitting behind you at signals, stop signs or while you’re parked at the store. You can wrap the doors, instead of using temporary magnets. Wrapped doors give you a more professional look and will last for years.

Patriotic Rear Tail Gate WrapCar Wraps can be designed with any graphic and in any size and shape you want. You can get creative with it by taking advantage of the contours of your vehicle. Partial vehicle wraps are an economical way to shout your message to your audience and by using your car as a mobile billboard you may help offset your car payment with tax savings.

Mountain Dew Truck WrapHigh resolution, digitally printed adhesive graphics adhere to the car to create instant dynamic advertising. Your adhesives provide protection from harmful UV rays, and can be easily changed and updated. The graphics will not affect the paint and can help reduce paint fading.

You can wrap 2 cars for the price of one by doing partial wraps on both to take advantage of this prime advertising space you already own. So look into doing a partial wrap and advertise BIG!