Q. What is a TruckSkin®?

A. TruckSkin® is a revolutionary vinyl covering that perfectly fits on the sides and back of any van body, changing the body into a billboard. The skins are easy to change, inexpensive, and efficient. These high resolution, seamless graphics display your message without the peeling, fading and cracking of decals that are expensive, difficult and time-consuming to apply and remove.

Q. Will a TruckSkin® fit my truck?

A. We have a graphics solution to fit any truck. All our work is custom, so we can work with any size truck.

Q. How much does a TruckSkin® cost?

A. Because there are many variables we need more information from you. Do you need us to produce the art for you? TruckSkins are inexpensive compared to other types of graphics or paint. Find out now. Call us for a free quote at 877-866-7546. Click here for More Pricing Information.

Q. What is the warranty?

A. TruckSkin produces vinyl graphics with proven long-term outdoor durability, and we stand by our products. We have had them on vehicles in many extreme environments including Fairbanks, Alaska and as far south as Ecuador. Of course, some fading, as a result of direct sun exposure and aging, is unavoidable as time goes on.

Our 15 oz. vinyl skins typically last 6 years or more outdoors.

  • Anti-mildew, anti-UV, and flame retardant.
  • Meets NFPA-701 (National Fire Protection Association, the governing national body) guidelines for flame resistance.
  • Designed to withstand temperatures as low as minus 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Warranty: guaranteed for 1 year against tree tears that do not put a hole in your truck.

Q. What makes TruckSkin® different from the usual decals used on van bodies?

A. TruckSkin® provides protection from rigorous over-the-road wear and tear, shields the body from harmful UV rays, and can be easily changed or updated by the owner. Decals do not have these benefits. Plus, decals can leave ugly ghosting marks when removed.

Q. How long does the installation process take?

A. TruckSkin® installation time is minimal. Installation of two side skins and a back door skin usually takes less than three hours.

Q. Can I use TruckSkin® over existing signage?

A. Yes. TruckSkin® is designed to fit simply over existing decals and graphics systems.

Q. Can I have TruckSkin® installed on a car or van?

A. No, because we use a rail system they won’t work on cars. We do produce wrap adhesives for cars and vans. Call 1-877-866-7546 for more information about vehicle wraps.

Q. Can I use TruckSkin® on one side of my vehicle only?

A. Yes. Our hardware makes your van body ready for skin installation on both sides and the back. You may choose to install skins on just one side, two sides or on all three.

Q. Who can install a TruckSkin®?

A. Anyone with a tape measure, rivet gun, scissors and a drill. TruckSkin® is specifically designed to be the most simply installed graphics solution available. Installation of new skins can be completed by the truck owner and no special tools are needed.

Q. If I have any questions or problems during installation, are there any resources available to help me?

A. Yes. Visit the Installation Info section of our web site for illustrated how to manuals on installing and changing TruckSkins, and installing DoorSkins. We also offer an Installer’s FAQ’s page with photos of successful and problem installations. You can call us any time for assistance.

Q. Who designs it?

A. We can design your TruckSkin® for you or you can use your own design and we can make it come to life.

Q. How are TruckSkin® orders placed?

A. You can order TruckSkin® by calling 1-877-866-SKIN or email us at sales@truckskin.com.

Q. Can I use TruckSkin® on my old truck bodies or do I need to buy a new truck body?

A. The TruckSkin® system is compatible with existing truck bodies once they are retrofitted with our hardware, which is necessary to display the graphics.

Q. How long does it take to get my new TruckSkin®?

A. TruckSkins usually ship within 6 days from the day approved art is received. Rush orders are available at an additional cost.

Q. I have trucks in many different locations. How can TruckSkin® be installed on them?

A. Using our nationwide TruckSkin® network of installers. We install anywhere in the U.S.A., including Alaska and Hawaii and all over Canada.

Q. What if I tear my TruckSkin?

A. TruckSkin® is made of heavy duty vinyl, and should be resistant to regular wear and tear. However, if your TruckSkin® tears, temporarily duct tape it to get back in to your terminal or warehouse. Then pull the TruckSkin® off and call 1-877-866-SKIN for a repair or replacement.

Q. Can I wash my truck with TruckSkin® on it?

A. Absolutely. You can use any normal car or truck wash.

Q. What are TruckSkin’s Terms and Conditions?

You can find the Term and Conditions Right Here