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Tip #1 From TruckSkin: Wasted Space On Delivery Trucks
5/28/2012, Furniture World News

In the business world we are all trying to find better, more cost effective ways to market and advertise. Sometimes the best “vehicle” for your marketing is… your delivery vehicle.

How many hours do your customers spend driving in their cars, sitting at stop lights staring at the rear end of a car or truck? They are a captive audience and their eyes are searching for something to look at, to read, to interest them, right?

When most retailers load their trucks for home deliveries, they make sure that they maximize the use of truck interior space so they don’t waste fuel, time and man-hours. Yet, most those same retailers squander ad dollars by not effectively using blank space on the sides and backs of their trucks, cars and vans. A blank delivery truck, car or van is a terrible waste. A boring, uninformative, or unimaginative message is almost as bad.

Advertise on your Truck So why not get the attention of everyone around you, just by driving around or parking creatively? (We will provide more information creative parking in a future tip.) Think of your vehicles as blank canvases you can use to win the hearts and minds of your customers. Don’t assume that potential customers will find your advertisements; take your message directly to them so they can’t miss it!

Vehicle wraps and truck advertising are some of the most cost effective ads with the most visual impact. Studies by the American Trucking Association show that 91 percent of people notice words and pictures when displayed on trucks. Metro trucks are seen by 14 million pairs of eyes a year. Take advantage; show more than just a name on the side of your delivery truck. Let TruckSkin turn your truck into a mobile billboard.