“The sign TruckSkin made for us paid for itself within 3 hours of installing it!”


Nishan Campbell, Owner
Gunfighter Canyon Shooting Range



“An excellent job…you made me a believer! Please thank your team for their quick turnaround too! From what we hear, the Cherry Flex Coach is literally stopping traffic.”


Bob Underwood, Owner
Cherry Flex Coach


“We have really increased our signage with TruckSkin® Whether it’s parked here or on deliveries, customers notice our advertising message much more. We’ve noticed an increase of sales to neighbors of previous buyers we delivered to.”


Bob Underwood, Owner
The Pinery


“Numerous customers have commented about our apparent growth and our larger truck fleet for delivering pianos. This one delivery truck, with TruckSkin® graphics did it all! Our marketing presence has multiplied tremendously.”


Mike Todd, Owner
Piano Nation


“We value the TruckSkin® advertising panels on our fleet. They have been an integral part of our marketing plan. ”


R. Todd Brown, President
Millstone Coffee


“The people at TruckSkin® have been so flexible and easy to work with. They came out and showed our delivery personnel how to put the skins on the first time themselves. In just a few months we’ve already done several different messages.”


Toni Banuelos, Marketing Manager
IKEA – San Diego, CA


“Just wanted to let you know that we love our TruckSkin window graphics that you did for our tanning salon. Everyone has commented on how nice they look and I personally believe that it makes us look as good as the chain stores. The application was easier than I thought it would be and I couldn’t be happier.”


Ken Hawkins,Owner
Aussie Tans


“This system is an easy changeable way to make our truck a rolling billboard. Easy to install and change signs.”


Ken Hawkins,Owner
Dan’s Appliance
Fairmont, MN


“I wanted to thank TruckSkin for our truck and trailer wrap. The installation was completed ahead of schedule, in a very professional manner, and it looks great! We get stopped all of the time, asking about the truck and trailer.
Local sales are up 15% for the year. Sponsors of our 2012 Race program jumped on-board to support a new team because of our, “…aggressive marketing plan, and execution…” (Yukio Taira, Marketing Analyst for Honeywell Turbo Technologies). In short, the wrap made the business plan for the 2012 LoveFab Race Team a great success!
2013 is looking extremely promising for both LoveFab, Inc, and the LoveFab Race team. We will look to TruckSkin again for the 2013 Livery, whenever it’s decided.
Thanks again!”


Cody Loveland,