Wrap Art Requirements

Vehicle Wrap Art Requirements


First …Do you have a cad drawing of the vehicle? If not, we will provide one to you. If a cad
drawing is not available for the vehicle, then you must measure all areas on the vehicle to
be able to design placement of your art.
(Note: Most cad drawings are 1/20th scale. However, a Badwrap cad is at 10%)

For cads that are 1/20th scale …it makes it easier to set the files up at 10% of full size.
If using 1/20th scale everything needs to be multiplied by 20 for the true full size.


(Please refer to our Art Submission Requirements for acceptable formats.)
When designing your art please keep in mind that any images that you place into your art must
be placed at full size with a resolution of 72 dpi. FULL SIZE means if your area measures 80″ x
21″ your image must be 80″ x 21″ at 72 dpi. All images placed must be CMYK TIFF files.

*Please keep text away from door handles and door hinges. You don’t want your message to be
hard to read if some of the text is cut off.


If a specific color is to be printed and has to be an exact match a PMS color must be assigned, or
a Matchprint must be supplied. PMS colors must be selected from the Solid to Process
Pantone color chart.

All blacks must have CMYK mixture of C:50 M:45 Y:35 K:100


You must follow these instructions if you do not want to incur art charges. Art charges are $65
per hour. All files must be print ready. This means art will not need any changes.
The files will be able to be sent straight to the printer. If anything needs to be done to
your file, you will be notified and the files will be sent back to you for changes. If you agree to us
making changes then art charges will be applied.

    • Measure all areas on the vehicle. I suggest adding a 2” bleed all around each area to
      insure everything is covered. Sometimes cad drawings can be off slightly.


    • If you want view-thru on any of the vehicles windows, you must have those as a
      separate cropped file. Windows must have a 2” bleed all around.


    • The cad drawing must be a separate layer so it is not a part of your artwork when you
      crop your files.


    • Include a low res PDF of the art on the cad to show how it is to look installed.