What is a TruckSkin?

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TruckSkin® is a revolutionary vinyl covering that slides into rails on the sides and back of your truck box, changing it into a mobile billboard. Developed in 2000. We have these on thousands of trucks around North America.


The skins are easy to change, inexpensive, and durable. With vivid four-color imaging, you can build consistency in your fleet and create a larger than life presence for much less than traditional adhesive graphics.


Our seamless, high resolution, digitally-printed vinyl panels mount easily to the sides of your truck to create instant dynamic advertising. Our unique rail system makes changing and updating your graphics easy and fast.Get a Custom Quote within 24 hours. We will take your truck specifications and work up a custom quote for you. Pricing information


We typically ship within six days of approved artwork. We have professional installers nationwide and in Canada.


TruckSkin® provides “second skin” vinyl outerwear for the truck box. Gone are the days of peeling, fading, cracking decals that are difficult to apply and remove.


TruckSkin® provides protection from rigorous over-the-road wear and tear, shields the body from harmful UV rays, and can be easily changed or updated. These stand up well against tree swipes, and are easy to replace if needed.


TruckSkin® has revolutionized the mobile billboard market. Easy ordering makes the process simple from concept through completion.

Your TruckSkins® are installed so quickly, without hassles or headaches that you can install them yourself! No special tools needed and you can change them and reuse them at will. They can even be recycled into tarps when you are done with them. No wasted material that ends up in a landfill.

GuymonTruckSkin® is a mobile billboard, telling your story in a big way. High resolution, seamless graphics can depict logos, photographs, illustrations and more in great detail, providing excellent marketing exposure.

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Change your TruckSkin® based on your changing marketing needs. Target specific events, audiences or products at a fraction of the cost of other advertising mediums.

Who Designs It?

From idea through installation…we take care of it all. Our design team will create the dynamic ad for you, or we can take your artwork and make it a reality on the side of your truck.

Either way, you will get the dynamic, custom look you want.  If you need some ideas you can use our ready-to-go templates to get you started…
TruckSkin Templates

Why should you invest in truck graphics?

  • Reaches qualified buyers along delivery routes
  • Creates a powerful “referral” effect
  • Graphics can be tailored to demographics
  • A mobile showroom
  • Easy to install, Can be changed quickly
  • Creates a positive impression
  • Covers imperfect boxes
  • Reusable
  • Interchangeable
  • Fade and tear resistant

CDSIdeal For:

  • Private delivery fleets
  • Large commercial fleets
  • Company owned vehicles
  • Leased vehicles
  • Furniture stores
  • Beverage distributors
  • Restaurants and food service
  • Construction contractors
  • Linen and uniform delivery
  • Dealerships, parts and equipment suppliers
  • Events and portable billboards
  • Rental companies
  • Entertainment
  • Electronics and Appliances


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