Car Wraps and Custom Decals

Vehicle Adhesive Wraps are an effective way to shout your message to your audience. We are your solution for state-of-the-art design, graphic production, and installation. We pride ourselves on our incomparable quality, reliability, and proven advertising impact.


Whether you go with a complete wrap or a partial one, you get your message out! Thinking it must be expensive? We can help you stay within your budget while still getting a great look!


Restyle your vehicle with us right here in Page, AZ. Everyone has their own style that makes them standout; your car should, too! You can achieve your own unique look with a wrap. This allows you to choose any graphic design you can think of to use on your vehicle.


We only use 3M for our vinyl wraps because it is the most durable and longest-lasting product on the market. It’s designed never to fade or crack over time and will last you for years. Don’t settle for cheap, low-quality wrapping material. Your vehicle is one the biggest investments you make for you business. Let us give you the quality it deserves.

You can choose to go with a complete wrap or simply brand your company vehicle or trailer with your logo and still get great advertising.


This is a great way to use your vehicle as a billboard. Advertise everywhere you go! You’ll get attention when your driving around town, or if you car is just parked your potential customers can’t help but see your message. Don’t wait for your customers to find your ad, take it right to them, all over town, 24 hours a day.


Spot graphics are another budget friendly way to bring attention to your business.  By adding visual interest to your car or truck you will attract attention everywhere you go. This is also a great way to add consistency to your vehicle fleet.



Our high resolution, digitally-printed adhesive graphics adhere to the car to create instant dynamic advertising


Vehicle wraps provide protection from harmful UV rays, and can be easily changed and updated.


These are professionally installed for you here in Page, AZ. We have been wrapping cars for over 20 years.

Graphics will not affect the paint and can help reduce paint fading.


Our design team can come up with a dynamic design to suit your needs. We can also take your existing design and make it come to life. Either way, you get the look you want! Yes, we do boats too!


Use your car, truck or trailer as a billboard. Vehicle decals and wraps are eye-catching and people can’t help but see your ad!


In addition we also do window stickers, boat lettering, and DOT Numbers.

Back window graphics can be custom ordered for any vehicle window. These can be in addition to a wrap or as a stand-alone advertisement. Window graphics get your message out, and looks just like window tint from the inside. The graphic does not restrict your view.


Advertise BIG! Use your vehicle.

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Can you wrap any car? No! Read on to find out why-

Many people think about using an old junky car and just parking outside their business to act as a billboard. This is a great idea as long as you follow one simple rule…

When choosing a vehicle for a wrap make absolutely sure the paint is not “dead” i.e. chalky, clear coat is lifting, has a whitish appearance, flaking off, cracked, rust bubbles, or anything that looks like it is coming off.

If it is, then the wrap will not last and you will have wasted thousands of dollars on an otherwise brilliant marketing idea.

So if you are wondering if your car is “wrap worthy” take a good look at the paint. If you have any questions please send us some photos and we can give you our advice. We want you to be happy with your wrap and get the most wear out of it you can. Any car can be wrapped and will look fantastic as long as you have a good paint foundation.

Bring your vehicle by the shop and we can honestly tell you if it should be wrapped.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for wraps here.

Wrap Art Requirements